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Keeping learners connected

We focus on tailoring education to fit the needs of every student, so teaching is always on point and engaging.

Advanced learning solutions

Our state of the art platform divides course sequences into highly granular learning concepts and uses data-driven differentiated assessments to diagnose individual learning needs. We then offer personalized and dynamic remediation to bridge gaps, even when students are missing concepts from a previous course.


The world’s largest repository of teacher-approved educational resources for grades 3 to 12. 


Personalized and dynamic learning paths integrated with class goals. 


Seamlessly integrated into your curriculum with custom dashboards for teachers, students and administrators.

A solution for every student

Every classroom has many students and just one teacher. There is no one size fits all approach when students are at different stages of the complex learning process.



Built for students, approved by teachers

We create an individualized and dynamic remediation path for each student. This includes worksheets, quizzes and online lessons, built to offer real-time insights for teachers.

Best of all, every one of our granular learning concepts and educational resources is approved by real teachers.